CCEL Translations: Early Church Fathers in English
Everything from the Apostolic Fathers through Gregory the Great II.

Translations of Tertullian’s works. Church Fathers
Translations of the Church Fathers (in English).

Migne’s Patrologia Latina
Scans of the complete PL series of Migne. Many Patristic Latin works remain published in Migne’s series alone. Links are various: some to, others to google books.

Commentaries on Genesis
A list of early Christian writers who have written (partially) extant commentaries on Genesis creation narratives, with links to where you can find them.

Syriac Literature
Resources from the Syriac Computing Institute.

More Syriac Literature


North American Patristics Society

Commission for Editing the Corpus of the Latin Church Fathers


Journal of Early Christian Studies

Fides et Historia

International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church

Journal of Ecclesiastical History

Vigiliae Christianae