Classical and Byzantine Literature


Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
All Greek literature up through the fall of Byzantium, including a vocabulary search engine.
Note: Subscription required.

Classics Archive
English translations of many Greco-Roman writers (including Neoplatonists)

Hodoi Elektronikoi
French translations with Greek text (often of material unavailable elsewhere for free online)

Greco-Roman literature, as well as other classical writings.

Open Greek and Latin
A project at the University of Leipzig which digitizes Greek and Latin Texts.

Perseus Project
This site features many Greco-Roman writers in both Greek and Latin with English translations.

Set of links to downloadable, out-of-copyright Loeb Classical Library editions. A lot of these remain useful – loads of Philo and Plutarch here, for starters…

Cognitive Classics
Website with bibliographies and resources for those taking a cognitive science approach to classical literature.

Date Converter for Ancient Egypt
Website that converts dates mentioned in the Greek and Demotic papyri  into Julian and corresponding Gregorian dates.

Plutarch’s Moralia
English translation of Plutarch’s Moralia.

Vettius Valens
English translation by Mark Riley of Valens’s monumental treatise on astrology, indispensible for the subject in an ancient context.

The Works of Philo

Suda online
Massive 10th-century Byzantine encyclopedia of everything its compilers knew about the ancient Mediterranean world. Greek with English translation provided.

The resource for everything papyrological or epigraphic in Egypt between 800 BCE and 800CE

A Webography of Byzantine Philosophy
A portal providing links to internet sources for Byzantine culture and thought.