Blogs, etc.


Tony Burke’s blog on everything regarding early Christian apocrypha.

April DeConick
April Deconick’s blog on early Christianity, apocrypha, and Gnosticism (formerly The Forbidden Gospels).

Beth Arke
Everything Syriac.

Brice C. Jones
A blog on Early Christianity, focusing on papyrology and manuscripts. His website also has links to collections of papyri on the web.

Hieroi Logoi
Loads of digital resources for the study of Late Antiquity, with more detailed introductions than provided here.

Ismali Gnosis
A good  introduction to Islamic mysticism.

Frequently updated blog on Judaism in antiquity by James R. Davila.

Roger Pearse
Very thorough blog on Greco-Roman material, Biblical resources, and online tech for Classicists.

Rogue Classicism

Alin Suciu
THE Coptology blog. However, a lot of Suciu’s blogging activity has in recent years migrated to a public Facebook page.



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