Book: Ruth Majercik’s Chaldean Oracles

The Prometheus Trust has alerted us to a new offering which may be of interest. It is a facsimile edition of Ruth Majercik’s Chaldean Oracles

From their website:

“The Chaldean Oracles hold a special place in the development of the Platonic tradition – they gave a new impetus and inspiration to a number of philosophers now known as neoplatonists. The extant fragments of the Oracles have been the subject of several studies in the modern era: since its publication in 1989 this presentation of the Chaldean Oracles in parallel text and translation with Ruth Majercik’s detailed notes and analysis has established itself as the modern baseline for scholarly work upon the Oracles. This is a facsimile edition of that publication.”

More details can be found on The Prometheus Trust website on the “Texts and Translations” page.