Bremmer, Initiation into the Mysteries available via open access

A newly-published review in BMCR of the venerable Jan Bremmer‘s recent book Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ancient World (De Gruyter, 2014) drew to my attention that the book has been published under an open access license. This means you can go here to the De Gruyter website and download its chapters (in .pdf format) or the whole thing (as an .epub). Reworking some of Bremmer’s fine work on the subject, Initiation into the Mysteries will serve as a standard reference for those interested in ancient mystery-religion, ranging from Eleusis and the Orphics to Isis and discourse about “mystery” in early Christianity. Esp. commendable is its handling of recent scholarship and its bibliography – the book addresses research published all the way up through 2014.