Spring 2015 program for the Mid-Sweden University higher seminar on Esotericism from antiquity to modern times

The MSU higher seminar is a webinar that features the discussion of precirculated papers pertaining to Esotericism, broadly construed; it is organized by the Swedish Gnosticism specialist Prof. Jörgen Magnusson. It is now gearing up for its first full semester this spring, and soliciting papers for fall 2015. Advanced graduate students as well as postgraduates and professors are invited to participate; for more details, see below:
The time is always 16:15-17:30 Central European time.
The place is always: https://connect.sunet.se/miun-jorgenm
If you need guidance in order to familiarize yourself with the virtual environment, and/or if you want to present research on the seminar please contact Jörgen Magnusson jorgen.magnusson@miun.se.
Please use a headset. First time it is necessary to run the audio setup wizard.

11 of March:
Dr. Per Faxneld, Mid Sweden University presents his postdoc project on the reception of Lilith in contemporary esoteric movements.

8 of April: PhD candidate Paul Linjamaa, Lund University presents work in progress “A Valentinian View on Emotions: Stoic influence on the Tripartite Tractate”.

6 of May. Matthew Twigg, PhD candidate of Oxford University. Presents his research on the toll-collectors of The Apocalypse of Paul, Nag Hamadi Codex V. Dr. Michael Kaler, University of Toronto-Mississauga will introduce the discussion.

20 of May: Associate professor Ruth Illman, Turku presents work in progress on “Jewish Mysticism Today: Practicing Niggunim in London?”

27 of May. Associate professor Martin Gansten, University of Lund presents his paper “Ars, technē, śāstra, ʿilm: What’s in a name?