Masks as a Means of Encounter

The Physicality of the Other: Masks as a Means of Encounter
Where: Leipzig University, Germany
When: November 9-11, 2015
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From the workshop organizers:

We will discuss the characteristics of ancient masks, what mask-figure becomes present by wearing a mask and what influence ancient masks had on the European counterparts (especially in Greece). Many experts in different disciplines such as Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Egyptology, Theology (Old Testament Studies), Archaeology as well as Cultural Anthropology and Performance Studies will participate in discussion. The below is a list of planned speakers and the subjects of their papers:

  • Mrs Judith Filitz, Leipzig: Masks: an interdisciplinary approach
  • Prof. A. Schäfer, Halle/Saale: Masks in a cultural-anthropological perspective
  • Dr. Renee Friedman, London: The archaeological findings from the Early Dynastic Period
  • Dr. Alexandra von Lieven, Berlin: The archaeological and textual indication since the Old Kingdom
  • Dr. Penelope Wilson, Durham: The Mask of Bes
  • Prof. Izak Cornelius, Stellenbosch: Masks from the Levant (Neolithic and Bronze Age)
  • Dr. Dominik Elkowicz, Mainz: Masks from the Levant (since Iron Age)
  • Prof. Angelika Berlejung: Does the Old Testament know masks?
  • Dr. Lauren Ristvet, Pennsylvania: Archaological findings from Mesopotamia
  • Dr. Claudia Beuger, Halle/Saale: Mesopotamian masks of the 1st millennium
  • Mrs Juliane Stein, Leipzig: Masks from Syria
  • Prof. Bärbel Morstadt, Bochum: The masks of the Phoenicians
  • Dr. Erin Averett, Omaha: Masks from Cyprus
  • Dr. Angeliki Varakis-Martin, Kent: The Greek Masks
  • Mr Daniel Dost, Leipzig: The Etruscan Phersu and the Latin persona

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