Plotinus and the Moving Image

Call for Chapters
Plotinus and the Moving Image: Neoplatonism and Film Theory
Deadline for Abstracts: September 30, 2015

From the website:

Can Neoplatonic philosophy be used for film studies? Given the often-stated parallels between Plotinus’ and Bergson’s philosophies, it is surprising that Neoplatonism has provided relatively little input on philosophy of film. Curtis Hancock writes that the effects of Bergsonism are evident in pragmatism, psychology, and theology and that the decedents of Bergson have created a vestige of Neoplatonism that perdures into the late twentieth century. This vestige must also exist in film studies. Today, with the newly emerging observative “Contemplative Cinema” (“Slow Cinema”) this Neoplatonic vestige is worth exploring. 

The website lists several areas of exploration for those considering submitting a proposal. More information, such as chapter length and contact info, can be found there as well.

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