Dates for the fall 2016 meetings of the Mid-Sweden University Seminar on Esotericism from Antiquity to Modern Times

Courtesy of Jörgen Magnusson. Participants from around the globe are invited to participate, provided they have completed their B.A. Lots of Nag Hammadi on the agenda:

Dear all.

The program for the fall has taken shape. Four seminars will take place, Wednesday week 43, 45, 47 and 49, always at 16:15 Swedish time. We gather in our usual room at


Week 43, PhD candidate Emanuel Fiano, Duke University will present a paper on the divine name in The Gospel of Truth from Nag Hammadi. I have dared to appoint myself as introducer at this seminar. Week 45, I will put forward a draft about Sophia in The Gospel of Truth. Week 47 Dr. Matthew Twigg at the University of Oxford will present something, probably on emotions in Valentinianism and Sethianism. Week 49, PhD candidate Paul Linjamaa at the University of Lund will present something. Probably on The Tripartite Tractate from Nag Hammadi.


I will give more precise information as for topics and introducers to the last seminars as soon as possible.

You are warmly welcome to contact me in order to propose topics and present papers.

Best regards

Jörgen Magnusson

Associate professor in the study of religions

Mid Sweden University

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