Call for papers: Arcanum

Ingrid Lotze has sent out the following call for papers for a special journal issue on esotericism and medieval sources. It certainly is a (relatively) neglected subject. Watch this space!

We are extending a cordial invitation to scholars who are in a position to submit a manuscript for a special issue of the journal Arcanum with the title, Hidden Esoteric Motifs and Spirituality in the Literature of the Middle Ages.

The goal of the special issue is to make a case for a renewed interest in scholarly research and a reappraisal of traditional interpretations of the literary works in the period.

The first of two main sections of the issue will consist of overview papers which would each provide insights into one of the esoteric currents and aspects of spirituality that we know of from the Middle Ages and that authors during this period could have been well aware of, such as …


The second of two main sections will consist of research papers which will focus on works of literature of the Middle Ages that provide clues that their authors were aware of one or more of the prevailing esoteric currents.

An introductory paper will provide a brief overview of the papers in the issue in a way that helps to provide the context within which they will serve as contributions to the literature. A concluding paper will highlight promising new research directions.

Co-volume Editors: Ingrid E. Lotze (Arcanum) and Albrecht Classen (University of Arizona)

Indexing: Arcanum is indexed in the International Medieval Bibliography.

Inquiries from authors who would like to discuss their research and manuscript ideas are welcome.

Point of contact … Phone: 207-546-2821, Ext. 4

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