The Descent into the Classical Underworld

‘A Quest for Remembrance’ : The Descent into the Classical Underworld”
When: May 20, 2017
Where: University of Warwick, UK

Registration is open for a one-day conference about stories of katabasis, the descent into the underworld, taking place at the University of Warwick. The conference includes panels on katabasis in antiquity and related mythology.

From the conference website:

Katabasis, the descent into the underworld, is an often literary genre whose earliest examples go back to classical antiquity, including the epics of Mesopotamia, ancient Greece and Rome. Since Rachel Falconer’s influential Hell in Contemporary Literature (2007), examining katabatic themes has become a popular strand of research. However, particularly in the 20th century, the descent to the underworld has been engaged with in a number of different art forms, such as the epic of Derek Walcott, the poetry of Eavan Boland, and the paintings of Romare Bearden. This conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the potential uses of katabasis and its relationship to memory, encapsulating methodological approaches from departments as varied as Literature, Philosophy, History, Classics, and History of Art.

A full conference programme can be found here.

For more information, please visit the conference website.