Resource: Cognitive Classics

A new and timely resources has been added to the NSEA website. This resource, Cognitive Classics, provides bibliographies and resources for those looking to apply cognitive science to their research.

From the website:

“Our primary aim in the Cognitive Humanities bibliography is to provide a resource for scholars in the humanities interested in how the questions they ask about texts might intersect with questions that cognitive scientists address from different angles. (It may also be of interest to cognitive scientists who want to know more about how the humanities are engaging with questions about the mind.) This bibliography is highly selective, and inevitably involves a good deal of subjective judgement. Because of Emily’s (and indeed Felix’s and Katharine’s) research backgrounds, this bibliography has a distinctly literary slant.”

This resource can be found on the following pages:

Greek Religion
Roman Religion
The Mysteries
Classical and Byzantine Literature

Happy researching!