New Book: Women and Knowledge in Early Christianity

This new volume of papers looks terrific, and includes a number of studies about Gnosticism as well as ancient wisdom traditions more generally. The volume is a Festschrift for Prof. Antti Marjanen (Helsinki), a pioneer of Nag Hammadi Studies in Finland and a key player for the very successful development of NH and Coptic Studies in Scandinavia in general.

The blurb from the Brill website reads: “Women and knowledge are interconnected in several ways in late ancient and early Christian discourses, not least because wisdom (Sophia) and spiritual knowledge (Gnosis) were frequently personified as female entities. Ancient texts deal with idealized women and use feminine imagery to describe the divine but they also debate women’s access to and capacity of gaining knowledge. Combining rhetorical analysis with social historical approaches, the contributions in this book cover a wide array of source materials, drawing special attention to the so-called Gnostic texts. The fourteen essays, written by prominent experts of ancient Christianity, are dedicated to Professor Antti Marjanen (University of Helsinki).”

Update 01-04-2018: live link and TOC here.