New book: Stone, Secret Groups in Ancient Judaism

Just published last month is Michael Stone’s Secret Groups in Ancient Judaism (Oxford). In case the title alone does not grab followers of this website, the table of contents (see below) should. More on the book at its website, here.

Chapter 1. Secret Societies in Ancient Judaism
Chapter 2. “Esoteric,” Mysteries, and Secrecy
2.1 Esoteric
2.2 Secrecy
2.3 Religious Experience and the Claim of Authority
Chapter 3. Esoteric as a Social Category
3.1 Knowledge and Control of Knowledge
3.2. Oral or Written
Chapter 4. The Social Organization of Secrecy
4.1 Mysteries and Secrecy in Hellenistic-Roman Society
4.2 Secret Societies and Ancient Judaism
4.3 Essenes and Therapeutae in Secret Groups
Chapter 5. Initiation and Graded Revelation
5.1 Initiation
5.2 Hierarchical Structure
Chapter 6. Other Secret Jewish Groups and Traditions
6.1 Indications of Other Secret Groups
6.2. Status and the Pseudo-Esoteric
Chapter 7. The Social Setting of Esoteric Tradition
7.1 Socio-Religious Groups
7.2 Teachings known to have existed that may have been secret
7.3 Narrative Frameworks and Secret Transmission
“Circles Behind” and Final Thoughts