Review: Massa on Marmodoro and Viltanioti (ed.), Divine Powers in Late Antiquity

Francesco Massa‘s review of a new book on divine powers in late antiquity has just been published at BMCR; you can read the review here. It looks like a terrific selection of papers. TOC below:

Anna Marmodoro, Irini-Fotini Viltanioti (ed.), Divine Powers in Late Antiquity. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. Pp. xi, 288. ISBN 9780198767206. $95.00.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Anna Marmodoro and Irini-Fotini Viltanioti
Section 1 – The Powers of the Gods: from Plotinus to Proclus
1. The Sources and Structures of Power and Activity in Plotinus – Kevin Corrigan
2. Human Action and Divine Power in Plotinus – Paulina Remes
3. Divine Powers and Cult Statues in Porphyry of Tyre – Irini-Fotini Viltanioti
4. Iamblichus on Divination: Divine Power and Human Intuition – Peter Struck
5. Powers and Poiesis: Statue Animation and Divine Manifestation in Proclus Diadochus’ Commentary on the Timaeus – Todd Krulak
6. The Sceptre and the Sickle: The Transmission of Divine Power in the Orphic Rhapsodies. – Marco Antonio Santamaría Alvarez
Section 2 – The Powers of God: from Philo of Alexandria to the Cappadocian Fathers
7. Divine Powers in Philo of Alexandria’s De opificio mundi – Baudouin Decharneux
8. The Self-giving Power of God: Dunamis in Early Christianity – Johathan Hill
9. The Power of God in some Early Christian Texts – Mark Edwards
10. Divine Power in Origen of Alexandria: Sources and Aftermath – Ilaria Ramelli
11. Powers and Properties in Basil of Caesarea’s Homiliae in Hexaemeron – Andrew Radde-Gallwitz
12. Gregory of Nyssa on the Creation of the World – Anna Marmodoro
Index Nominum et Rerum
Index Locorum