Rituals and Magic in Ugarit

Via Fasti Congressum

Rituals and Magic in Ugarit: Practice, Contexts, and Meaning
When: April 25-27, 2018
Where: University of Münster (Germany)
For more information contact sofia.salo@uni-muenster.de

This conference features seventeen scholars on religion and magic in Syrian antiquity. Topics include magical texts, rituals, and remedies used in Syria between the Bronze age and early Christian periods.

From the organizers:

Rituals and magical practices were a central aspect of everyday life in the Ancient Near East and played a decisive role in all areas of life. They influenced the history and culture of Ugarit, as both textual and material remains evince. Highly educated specialists performed different rituals in the official state cult, but the life
and death of the plain people was likewise accompanied by magical and ritual activities. The conference “Rituals and Magic in Ugarit: Practice, Contexts, and Meaning” takes the diversity of these phenomena into account and surveys their social and cultural historical contexts.