New book: From Gnostics to Monastics

A great FS for a truly great scholar.

From Gnostics to Monastics: Studies in Coptic and Early Christianity in Honor of Bentley Layton​. Edited by S. Emmel, S.J. Davis and D. Brakke. Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 263. Louvain: Peeters, 2017.

Hardback, 547 pages
Publication Date: December 2017

This collection of studies is offered in honor of Bentley Layton by twenty-three of his colleagues and former students. Professor Layton taught the history of ancient Christianity and also Coptic language at Yale University for forty years beginning in 1976. At that time he was already recognized internationally as a leading figure in the publication and study of the Coptic Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi Codices and in Coptic linguistic and manuscript studies, two areas of research that are represented in this volume by sections on Gnostic, Valentinian, and Manichaean literature, and on Coptic language and texts. A section on Egyptian monasticism pays tribute to Prof. Layton’s fundamental contributions to the study of the late antique monastic leader and Coptic author Shenoute. A final section looks north across the Mediterranean Sea to early Chistianity in the wider Late Roman World.​​

For more info, see the official website here. TOC below:

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Scholarly Contributions of Bentley Layton
The Scholarship of Bentley Layton: A Bibliography of Publications from
1968 to the Present


David Brakke: Valentinians and Their Demons: Fate, Seduction, and Deception in
the Quest for Virtue

Dylan M. Burns: First Thoughts on the Structure of the Apocryphon of John (NHC II,1
and Par.) and Divine Providence in “Classic Gnostic” Literature

Anne M. McGuire: “The Virgin Whom the Forces Did Not Defile”: Norea and the Virginal
Spirit in The Reality of the Rulers

Louis Painchaud: La dispositio de l’Évangile de Judas

Birger A. Pearson: Some Aporiae in the Gospel of Judas

Michael Peppard: Valentinians on the Euphrates?

Paul-Hubert Poirier: À propos de la νεῦσις dans les textes de Nag Hammadi

Tudor Sala: Christ’s gift-Gift to Judas: Singing the Spiritual Transaction at the
Heart of the Betrayal


Anne Boud’hors: À la recherche des manuscrits coptes de la région thébaine

Leo Depuydt: A New Verb Form in Coptic

Paul C. Dilley: The Inscriptions of Late Antique Egypt (ILAE) Database: Digitizing Textual Culture

Wolf-Peter Funk: Some Lesser Known Construct Forms of Coptic

Ariel Shisha-Halevy: Musings on Neutralization in Coptic


Heike Behlmer: The Use of the Psalms in Shenoute’s Tractate He Who Sits upon His

Andrew Crislip:  Emotional Communities and Emotional Suffering in Shenoute’s White Monastery Federation: Sadness, Anger, and Fear in Select Works of Shenoute

Stephen J. Davis: Curriculum Vitae et Memoriae: The Life of Saint Onophrius and
Local Practices of Monastic Commemoration

Stephen Emmel: Shenoute for Historians: The Pneueit Incident (A Monastic Leader
and Anti-Pagan Violence in Late Antique Southern Egypt)

James E. Goehring: Pachomius and His Successors in the Library of Deir Anba Shenouda

Peter Grossmann: Two Different Walling Systems of the Egyptian Monasteries: A Comparison

David W. Johnson† : Jews and Christians in Upper Egypt: Apa Shenoute of Atripe

Rebecca Krawiec: Reading Abraham in the White Monastery: Fathers, Sources, and

Kevin Wilkinson: The Misfortunes of Triphis and Religious Change in Late Antique

David L. Eastman: The Adventus of Peter and Paul: Evidence of Roman Superiority to
Constantinople in a Letter of Gregory I