Gnosis volume 3.1: Hermetism

Courtesy of April DeConick: the newest issue of Gnosis: Journal for Gnostic Studies is guest-curated by Christian Bull, and features a collection of new papers on Hermetism. (It doesn’t get any more ‘ancient esoteric’ than that.) The table of contents is a veritable “who’s who” of the cutting edge of scholarship on Hermetic literature:

Christian H. Bull, “Wicked Angels and the Good Demon: The Origins of Alchemy According to the Physica of Hermes”

Anna van den Kerchove, “The Notion of Truth in Some Hermetic Texts and Chaldaean Oracles”

Kevin van Bladel, “Al-Bīrūnī on Hermetic Forgery”

Claudio Moreschini, “The Interpretation of the Sacrament of the Eucharist as Palingenesis according to Foix-Candale”

Erin Prophet, “Hermetic Influences on the Evolutionary System of Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy”

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