conference: Ancient Revelation: Divination, Prophecy and Epiphany

On 25-27 June 2019, Durham University will host the conference ‘Ancient Revelation: Divination, Prophecy and Epiphany.’ The speakers will focus on Greek and Christian literature, mainly produced in the Roman Empire and related to the Greek philosophical tradition. (Maybe this is why no apocalypses are on the program?)

Looking forward very much to the conference proceedings! The list of speakers and paper titles is as follows, taken from the conference’s official website, here.  The conference organizer is Elsa Simonetti.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Addey, Crystal (St Andrews): Divination and Neoplatonism
  • Busine, Aude (Brussels): ‘The bubbling water has been quenched.’ Emperor Julian and the End of Oracles
  • Hall, Claire (Oxford): Prophecy in Origen’s Contra Celsum
  • Heath, Jane (Durham): Revelation and the Muses from the Classical to the Imperial age
  • Parker, Robert (Oxford): Oracles, Diviners and Consultants
  • Petridou, Georgia (Liverpool), Epiphany and Divination Reconsidered
  • Ramelli, Ilaria (SHMS, Detroit), ‘Revelation’ for Christians and Pagans and its Philosophical Allegoresis: Intersections within Imperial Platonism
  • Santangelo, Federico (Newcastle): Augury and the Late Republic
  • Simonetti, E.G. (Durham): tbc
  • Struck, Peter (UPenn): Comparative Perspectives on Greek Divination and Christian Prophecy
  • Tanaseanu-Döbler, Ilinca (Göttingen): Epiphany in Iamblichus and Proclus
  • Tervanotko, Hanna (McMaster), Divination in Ancient Jewish Texts
  • Timotin, Andrei (Bucharest): The Neoplatonic Background of a Text on Prophecy Attributed to John Chrysostom
  • Waldner, Katharina (Erfurt): Christian Martyrs and Prophecy/Divination
  • Zambon, Marco (Padova): Pseudo-Clement and the Real Prophet