Dreams of Antiquity 2.0

The Dreams of Antiquity database has been upgraded. This is an online searchable database of dreams and visionary accounts from ancient literature. This resource should be of great interest to nearly anyone working on antique esotericism!

DoA 2.0 comprises a new search engine and up-to-date research options in
almost 7,000 titles; the search with the help of a differentiated
thesaurus, where ancient authors’ names can be combined with key words
concerning dreams and visions (nightmare; ruler dream, -vision;
celestial phenomenon; incubation; voyage beyond; oracle dream; day
residue; dream interpreter; dream terminology; dream theory; waking
vision) is still available.

DoA 2.0 aims at making the published literature on dreams and visions in
Greco-Roman antiquity (and their reception) available for further
scholarly research.