CfA: 5 doctoral positions, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

The University of Graz invites applications for:
up to 5 Positions for Doctoral Researchers (75% contracts / 30 hrs per week)
for PhD projects in the fields of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology and Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Philology, Religious Studies, Sociology and Theology within the framework of the International Graduate School (IGS) “Resonant Self–World Relations in Ancient and Modern Socio-Religious Practices” directed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Spickermann and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Irmtraud Fischer (Graz) and Prof. Dr. Jörg Rüpke and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa (Erfurt). The positions are to be filled by 1 October 2021 for a period of 24 months with the option of extension for a further 12 months pending review.