Online Oxford Seminars on Astrology/Astronomy

The Early Text Cultures research cluster at the University of Oxford
is pleased to present its third series of Online Seminars, which will
be on ‘Astronomy and Astrology’.

Each session will comprise two 25-min talks focusing on two culturally
diverse sets of sources, followed by 40 mins of general discussion.

The first joint session will take place on Thursday 6 May at 3.00–4.30
pm (UK time). Yossra Ibrahim (Mainz) and Peter John Williams
(Cambridge) will be speaking on ‘Text and Image’ in Egyptian and
Hellenistic Greek astronomy. You can find the abstracts here:


§ Session 1 (6 May)
Text and Image
(Egyptian and Hellenistic Greek Astronomy)
Yossra Ibrahim (Mainz) – Peter John Williams (Cambridge)

§ Session 2 (13 May)
Our Science and Theirs
(Reconstructing Ancient Greek Models)
Luca Beisel (Berlin/Tel Aviv) – Gonzalo Recio (Quilmes)

§ Session 3 (20 May)
Computational Methods
(Ptolemy, Vettius Valens, and the Aryabhatiya)
Claire Hall & Liam Shaw (Oxford) – Vanishri Bhat (Independent)

§ Session 4 (27 May)
Literary Narratives
(The Alexander Romance and the Adonias saga)
Caterina Franchi (Bologna) – Katherine Olley (Oxford)

§ Session 5 (3 June)
(The Book of Watchers and Hesiod)
Ari Silbermann (Bar-Ilan) – Giulio Leghissa (Toronto)

§ Session 6 (10 June)
Medieval Perspectives
(Al-Farghānī and Michael Scot)
Razieh Mousavi (Max Planck, Berlin) – Eleonora Andriani (Observatoire
de Paris, CNRS)

§ Session 7 (17 June)
Naming and Nomenclature
(Ancient Greek and Early Chinese Astronomical Terminology)
Vilius Bartninkas (Vilnius) – Federico Valenti (Independent)

§ Session 8 (25 June ***Friday***)
Cultural Vistas
(Ancient Egyptian and Graeco-Roman Culture)
Massimiliano Franci (CAMNES, Firenze) – Cristian Tolsa (Barcelona)

To receive the Zoom link, please register via this Google form:
Links will be circulated one day prior to each session.