A new book on the ‘evil creator’ idea as a Christian innovation

Ancient esotericism-specialists may know M. David Litwa’s work from his Hermetica II volume or elsewhere. In a new OUP offering he addresses the problem of how the idea of an evil creator-god came about with some interesting-looking arguments which will probably raise some eyebrows and discussions.

The Evil Creator: Origins of an Early Christian Idea
M. David Litwa
224 pages
ISBN: 9780197566428

The Evil Creator: Origins of an Early Christian Idea moves beyond
previous Judaist readings to argue that the evil creator is a
distinctly Christian idea in biblical interpretations. Through Gnostic
and Marcionite readings, Litwa connects ancient analyses of God’s
wicked actions with analysis in modern theology.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Why the Evil Creator?

Part I: Egyptian and Johannine Approaches
1. Chapter 1: The Donkey Deity
2. Chapter 2: The Father of the Devil

Part II: Marcionite Approaches
3. Chapter 3: Creator of Evils
4. Chapter 4: The God of this World
5. Chapter 5: Destroyer of the Law I
6. Chapter 6: Destroyer of the Law II