Colloquium on Apuleius’ De mundo

George Boys-Stones and the University of Toronto are putting on a workshop on Apuleius’ translation of (Ps.)Aristotle’s On the World, a very important and under-researched document in the history of cosmology and religion (which might even be by Aristotle, if you follow a minority opinion). Those who know Festugière’s Revelation d’Hermes Trismegiste will be aware of the importance Father Fest placed on this document as a key locus for ancient ‘cosmic religion’. Here is the official announcement:

A workshop on “Apuleius and the Aristotelian De Mundo” will be held in Toronto, 9th-11th December, 2021. Speakers include Alan Bowen, Dylan Burns, Christina Hoenig, George Karamanolis, Irmgard Männlein-Robert, Gretchen Reydams-Schils, Thomas Slabon, Liba Taub, and Georgina White. Registration is free, with online attendance as an option. >> As part of the project, we are making freely available, under a Creative Commons license, new English translations of Apuleius’ De Mundo and the Aristotelian text it starts from.

For further details, registration, inquiries, and link to the translations, please visit