Online colloquium on Aratus

Dear Colleagues,
An online workshop on Aratus and Aratean Reception will be held on Zoom on Friday 10th-Saturday 11th December 2021, 15.00-19.40pm GMT on both days. The programme is included below.

Everyone is welcome: if you would like to attend please email to register.

Programme – Friday 10th December
15.00-15.15 GMT – Introduction

15.15-16.00 GMT – Francesca Schironi (University of Michigan), ‘A ‘Classic’ with Problems: Hipparchus and the Ancient Reception of Aratus’

16.00-16.45 GMT – Richard Hunter (University of Cambridge), ‘Set in stone? Epigraphic evidence for the Aratean tradition’

16.45-17.05 GMT – Break

17.05-17.50 GMT – Stamatina Mastorakou (Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte), ‘Aratus and his Phaenomena through material culture’

17.50-18.35 GMT – Karen ní Mheallaigh (Johns Hopkins University), ‘Aratus’ celestial cinema: the Phaenomena machine’

18.35-18.55 GMT – Break

18.55-19.40 GMT – Kathryn Wilson (Washington University in St. Louis), ‘Aratean Poetics and the Language of Visibility’

Programme – Saturday 11th December
15.00-15.45 GMT – Oliver Thomas (University of Nottingham), ‘Reframing the Phaenomena: towards a reconstruction of the alternative proem (SH 84)’

15.45-16.30 GMT – Peter Agócs (University College London), ‘Aratus’ Signs and Songs’

16.30-16.50 GMT – Break

16.50-17.35 GMT – Caroline Bishop (Texas Tech University), ‘Cicero’s Aratea in the Augustan Period’

17.35-18.20 GMT – Fabio Guidetti (Università di Pisa), ‘Aratus in Rome: Translating Science in the 1st Century BC’

18.20-18.40 GMT – Break

18.40-19.25 GMT – Jessica Lightfoot (University of Birmingham), ‘Erotic Aratus’

19.25-19.40 GMT – Concluding remarks

If you have any questions about the event please contact me at