Near-Eastern, Rabbinic, or Patristic fellowship at Cambridge

Cook-Crone Research Bye-Fellowship 2022-23

Gonville & Caius College invites applications for research in one of
the following fields:
·         Biblical studies, including Rabbinics and Patristics
·         The comparative study of religion
·         Ancient Eastern languages and literature
·         The History and Social Anthropology of West Asia and/or the
Middle East prior to c1750

The Bye-Fellowship is a limited-term appointment for the purpose of
carrying out some specific research project, free of other
commitments. This one-year position is open to established
researchers, including those on leave or on secondment from university
posts. The successful candidate will have done a minimum of three
years of research since their PhD and will normally have produced
significant published work. The Bye-Fellowship is tenable from 1
October 2022 (or such other date as may be agreed with the successful

The post cannot be held in conjunction with any other appointment or
award, but a limited amount of paid College teaching, and occasional
lecturing and examining are normally allowed.

The Bye-Fellowship comes with a possible stipend of up to £30,000. Up
to ten free meals per week in College will also be provided, where
available. The College offers free or subsidised accommodation (some
of it suitable for double occupancy), subject to availability. The
Bye-Fellow is expected to reside in Cambridge, but research trips may
be permitted. The funds may be used to supplement an existing salary,
pay pension contributions, or as a research grant.

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To apply:
Please send to the Master’s Office Administrative Assistant, to arrive not later than Monday 28
February 2022:

1.      A curriculum vitae
2.      A covering letter indicating:
a.      Education, qualifications and a list of publications
b.      Appointment and awards held
c.       Stipend or other financial assistance receivable after 1 October 2022
d.      Any appointments or awards applied for and not yet decided
e.      Subject of proposed research and outline of programme (no more
than 1,000 words)
f.        Any plans for travel or publications, with estimated cost
g.      Any other evidence that the candidate may wish to submit (no
more than 500 words)

3.      Please also arrange for two referees to send a reference for
you directly to Master’s Office Administrative Assistant, by the closing date. (References will not
be accepted if they are received directly from candidates.)

1.      The closing date for applications is Monday 28 February 2022.
2.      Applications will be reviewed by the Bye-Fellowship Committee
at a meeting in the week beginning Monday 7 March 2022.
3.      A recommendation will be made to the College Council for its
meeting on 16 March 2022.
4.      The successful candidate will be informed not later than
Friday 18 March 2022.
5.      Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email not later
than 25 March 2022.
6.      The Candidate should take up the position not later than 1
October 2022. The Bye- Fellowship is tenable for one year only.

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