Conference on Nigidius Figulus, an interesting late-Republican esotericist


A two-day international and interdisciplinary conference on the career and work of Publius Nigidius Figulus (c. 98-45 BCE), a Roman statesman and polymath of remarkable interests and achievements.  As a political conservative, Nigidius opposed Julius Caesar in the Civil War of 49/8 BCE and died in exile.  Being an important agent of what has been called the “cultural revolution” of the first century BCE, he published extensively on Latin grammar, Aristotelian biology, astronomy and astrology, and various forms of divination.  Nigidius is credited with reviving Pythagoreanism at Rome and is described by his contemporary Cicero as “a keen and careful investigator of those matters that seem to have been concealed by nature” and by St. Jerome as a “Pythagorean and magician.”  This conference brings together scholars who work on different aspects of Nigidius in an attempt to arrive at a holistic image of this unusual figure.

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Confirmed speakers:

Giulio Celotto, Virginia

Alessandro Garcea, Sorbonne

Phillip Horky, St Andrews

Duncan MacRae, Berkeley

Daniele Maras, Soprintendenza Archeologia, Rome

Jay Reed, Brown

James Rives, UNC, Chapel Hill

Philip Thibodeau, Brooklyn College

Fabio Tutrone, Palermo

Katharina Volk, Columbia