Conference: Scientific Papyri

Prescription to Prediction: The Ancient Sciences in Cross-Cultural Perspective

The conference will be held at Johns Hopkins University on October
6–7, 2022. Participation is possible both in-person and remote.

The collaborative research project Scientific Papyri from Ancient
Egypt in Cross-Cultural Perspective (SciPap) is pleased to announce
its 3rd international conference—an interdisciplinary event
facilitating new research into the sciences of the ancient Egyptian,
Near Eastern, and Graeco-Roman worlds, focusing on medicine, astral
sciences, and divination. The conference will open scholarly and
public access to an extremely large and varied body of source material
by convening experts currently working on published and unpublished
texts from various parts of the ancient world. The special
competencies held by the scholars convening for this conference will
foster a high degree of interdisciplinarity and will facilitate the
engagement of cross-disciplinary interpretive frameworks with an
expanding base of primary evidence.

For more information on the conference and to register, please see the
following link: