CfP ‘Fear, terror and horror in Graeco-Latin Antiquity and its Reception in Popular Culture’ (14th Celtic Conference in Classics, July 11-14, 2023)

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The panel ‘Fear, terror and horror in Graeco-Latin Antiquity and its Reception in Popular Culture’ of the 14th Celtic Conference in Classics will take place on 11-14 July 2023 at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. It explores the different ways in which fear, terror and horror have been manifested in Graeco-Latin literature and tradition.

The panel also examines the survival of these motifs today through classically inspired popular culture, whether in cinema, television series, novels, comics or video games. The interest in reshaping narratives exploring these concepts in different contemporary artistic manifestations demonstrates their relevance in today’s society and their organic connection to the themes of classical mythology and culture. The study of fear, terror and horror in this panel will analyse how the supernatural, the unknown or the violent is introduced in narratives of classical and contemporary cultures and the emotional response it provokes in the receiving audience. The final aim of the panel is to present a transversal vision of the contributions of the exploration of fear, terror and horror in the literary creation of Antiquity and the evolution of these concepts today.

Theorisation of the concepts of fear, terror and horror in Graeco-Latin treatises.
Expressions of terror and horror in Graeco-Latin literature: tales of haunted houses, ghost stories, confrontations with monsters, journeys to hell, etc.
Survival of these motifs in classical tradition and in popular culture: horror films, comics, literature, video games, etc.

All interested participants are invited to send a PDF abstract outlining the proposed subject of their discussion to Nuno Simões Rodrigues, Isidro Molina Zorrilla and Vasileios Balaskas by 20 February 2023 at the latest  (in addition to the abstract, please include a short bio and academic institution). Paper presentations of 20 or 40 minutes are accepted.

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Working languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian