Enoch Seminar: Apocalypticism and Mysticism

Enoch Seminar: Apocalypticism and Mysticism
When: Milan, 21 – 26 June 2015
Where: Gazzada, Italy

Please note: This seminar is invitation only. The organizers request that you contact them to inquire about participation.

From the organizers:

The Eighth Enoch Seminar will convene at the Villa Cagnola [http://www.villacagnola.it/] in Gazzada, Italy (near Milan), from 21 to 26 June, 2015. It is organised by Daniel Boyarin (Berkeley, USA), Lorenzo DiTommaso (Montreal, Canada), and Elliot Wolfson (New York, USA), under the guidance of the Founding Director of the Enoch Seminar Gabriele Boccaccini (Michigan, USA).

The Seminar topic is apocalypticism and mysticism, their natures and relationship, in Judaism and Christianity from the Second Temple era through the late antique and early mediaeval centuries. Our aim is to discuss the main issues in light of new evidence, methodologies, and approaches, oriented by a desire to advance the discussion along a broad front. While we do not expect to address every issue or answer every question, we do anticipate that the published results of our Seminar will stand as a foundational study for future research.

As participation is by invitation only, we invite all interested specialists to contact the Seminar secretary, Jason Zurawski [jasonzur@umich.edu] as soon as possible, at the latest by 1 December 2014. As usual, all papers circulate in advance and are not read in the sessions, which are devoted primarily to discussion.