Book reviews: new edition of Iamblichus’ commentary on Nicomachus; new work on Derrida and Neoplatonism

Bryn Mawr Classical Review has just published two reviews which may be of interest to readers. First is the eminent John M. Dillon’s discussion of the new critical edition by Nicolas Vinel of Iamblichus of Chalcis’ Commentary on the Introduction to Arithmetic (itself authored by the seminal, second-century Neopythagorean Nicomachus of Gerasa). Vinel furnishes Greek text, with French translation and commentary, in what is now the standard edition of the work. Read further here.

Second is a review (full disclosure: by yours truly) of Stephen Gersh’s second installment in his project of Neoplatonism after Derrida. The mental gymnastics of secrecy, concealment, and revelation are explored here in a (post)-Modern engagement with the Platonic tradition that is nothing if not enthralling and exciting (albeit difficult reading at turns). Derrida’s encounter with Neoplatonism and negative theology should prove, I think, an illuminating case study for theorists of esotericism (and much else). Check out the review here.