CFP: Polytheism and Philosophy

A new journal is seeking submissions on the topic of polytheism and philosophy.Please see the Call for Papers from the Society of Classical Studies below:

Walking the Worlds: A Biannual Journal of Polytheism and Spiritwork”, an independent, peer-reviewed journal, seeks articles for a special issue on Polytheism and Philosophy.  Contemporary philosophical interest in multiplicity, plurality, difference, uniqueness and individuation, to the degree that it represents a break with themes that dominated and oriented Western metaphysics during the era of monotheism’s intellectual hegemony, creates an opening for reevaluating the relationship between philosophy and polytheism.

Contributions are welcome focusing on polytheism in relation to any school of Western or non-Western, ancient or modern philosophy. Arguments for the truth or superiority of monotheism, or for the incoherence or impossibility of polytheism will not be considered. Queries concerning the suitability of topics may be addressed to Edward Butler (

Authors must adhere to the journal’s guidelines:  Articles must be in English, and should run between 2500-7000 words, not including footnotes. Pieces will be considered that are shorter or longer than this depending on their merits. Articles must also include an abstract of 150-200 words. All submissions must be in MS Word (.doc) format to Editor-in-chief Galina Krasskova (

Deadline for submissions: May 1, 2016.


More details about the journal from their website:

Walking the Worlds is a new print journal devoted to an exploration of spiritwork and polytheism from a variety of traditions, ancient and modern.

Topics covered will include: gods, ancestors, spirits, spirit-animals, heroes, land-wights, prayer, devotions, offerings, sacrifice, ritual, ritual tech, festivals, temple and shrine-keeping, music, dance, ecstasy, madness, trancework, cleansing, entheogens, healing, initiation, ordeal, divination, oracles, inspired and channeled works, magic, witchcraft, herblore, science, history, mythology and so forth.

Via Society for Classical Studies, Walking the Worlds.