CFP: Aramaic Magic Bowls at the AAR

The Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity Group, SBL Aramaic Studies Group, and SBL Religious Worlds of Late Antiquity Group are co-sponsoring a session on Aramaic Magic Bowls at the 2016 AAR meeting. More information from the AAR below:

Call for Papers:

A session is being planned on the Aramaic magic bowls. Given the interdisciplinary sponsorship, we propose that the session focus on the intersection of diverse perspectives on these artifacts:

Aramaic Magic Bowls: Language, Ritual, and Context. How can language experts help clarify the nature of the beliefs and practices associated with these artifacts? How can those who study the societies and subgroups that used such bowls help clarify the meaning of obscure terminology? How can the study of the Late Antique context in which the bowls were produced help shed light on their use, significance, and meaning? How can the study of the bowls shed light on the usefulness on the categories of syncretism and mixing?

More information can be found at the AAR website.

Via PaleoJudaica.