Magic and Myth in the Archiv für Religionsgeschichte

Today I came across a delightful slew of articles on magic and myth in Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 16:1 (2015). Here is the table of contents:


In memoriam Walter Burkert (February 2, 1931 – March 11, 2015) IX
I. Authoritative Traditions and Ritual Power in the Ancient
Raʿanan Boustan, Jacco Dieleman, and Joseph E. Sanzo: Introduction: Authoritative Traditions and Ritual Power in the Ancient World


David Frankfurter:The Great, the Little, and the Authoritative Tradition in Magic of the Ancient World


Theodore S. de Bruyn: An Anatomy of Tradition: The Case of the Charitêsion


Sarah Iles Johnston: The Authority of Greek Mythic Narratives in the Magical Papyri


Joseph E. Sanzo: The Innovative Use of Biblical Traditions for Ritual Power: The Crucifixion of Jesus on a Coptic Exorcistic Spell (Brit. Lib. Or. 6796[4], 6796) as a Test Case


Raʿanan Boustan and Michael Beshay: Sealing the Demons, Once and For All: The Ring of Solomon, the Cross of Christ, and the Power of Biblical Kingship


II. New Directions in the Study of Myth


Hanne Eisenfeld: Ishtar Rejected: Reading a Mesopotamian Goddess in the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite


Laura Feldt: Ancient Wilderness Mythologies – The Case of Space and Religious Identity
Formation in the Gospel of Matthew


Jan N. Bremmer: The Self-sacrifice of Menoeceus in Euripides’ Phoenissae, II Maccabees and Statius’ Thebaid


Fritz Graf: Early Histories Written in Stone: Epigraphy and Mythical Narratives


H. A. Shapiro: Lost Epics and Newly Found Vases: Sources for the Sack of Troy


R. Scott Smith: Bundling Myth, Bungling Myth: The Flood Myth in Ancient and Modern
Handbooks of Myth


Daniel James Waller: Echo and the Historiola: Theorizing the Narrative Incantation


III. Varia


Eric Rebillard: Popular Hatred Against Christians: the Case of North Africa in the Second and Third Centuries


Sarah Rey: Aperçus sur la religion romaine de l’époque républicaine, à travers les comédies
de Plaute