R.I.P. James M. Robinson

I heard last week that James M. Robinson, probably best known to followers of this blog as a Prime Mover in the edition, translation, and publication of the Nag Hammadi Codices, passed away on 22 March. I could find no media announcements, but PaleoJudaica gave a link to a fine In Memoriam from Simon J. Joseph. The Claremont School of Theology posted an obit yesterday, here.

I only met Robinson briefly a number of years ago, but he was a warm and charming man who was delighted to meet and ingratiate a (very) young student of Nag Hammadi. His service to scholarship extends far, far beyond Gnostic Studies to Coptology at large, in addition to the study of Early Christianity and especially the New Testament. All the scholars I have met who worked with Robinson on the translation and publication of the Nag Hammadi materials speak of him only with the greatest respect and admiration. He will be sorely missed.