Job opening at the Project ‘Lexicon of Gnostic Mythologumena’

This would be a great position for a doctoral student working on Gnosticism looking for a couple of years of funding – Greek and Latin required, but Münster is certainly a great place to go if you also want to read Coptic!

(See here for the advertisement in German)

In Fachbereich 09 „Philology“, the Institute for Egyptology and Coptology of the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster is seeking to fill a half-time position as

Research Assistant (Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiterin/Mitarbeiter)
Salary Level 13 TV-L / 50%

at the earliest possible date, with the position to end on 31.08.2019 (the normal working time for full-time emplyment is presently 39 hours and 50 minutes per week).

The Research Assistant’s position belongs to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft-funded project “Lexicon of Gnostic Mythologumena” (projeckt director: Dr. Johanna Brankaer). This project is the continuation of a previous project, in which the Gnostic primary sources were analysed; the present project is focused on the patristic (and above all the heresiological) literature.

The main task of the Research Associate is, first, to scan through the corpus of relevant Latin and Greek patristic authors and to excerpt passages with mythological content of Gnostic origin; and second, to analyse the excerpted material into the distinct individual Gnostic mythologumena.
Additional duties are bibliographical work in connection with Gnostic myth, and the compilation of indices for the project’s end product, namely the volume “A Lexicon of Gnostic Mythologumena”.

Prerequisite for employment is good knowledge of Latin and Greek. Experience in the field of Gnostic research or in Patristics is desirable.

The University of Muenster is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the proportion of women academics. Consequently, we actively encourage applications by women. Female candidates with equivalent qualifications and academic achievements will be preferentially considered within the framework of the legal possibilities.

Disabled candidates with equivalent qualifications will be preferentially considered.

Applications in German or English or French are welcome. For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Johanna Brankaer ( Please submit your application with the usual documents  by 30.12.2016 to:

Institut für Ägyptologie und Koptologie
Andrea Beermann
Schlaunstraße 2
48143 Münster (Deutschland)