Forthcoming book: Plotinus, The Enneads

A brand-new translation of Plotinus’s Enneads (all of them!) is set to appear in February from Cambridge. The managing editor for the project is Prof. Lloyd Gerson; translators include George Boys-Stones, John M. Dillon, R.A.H. King, Andrew Smith, James Wilberding, and Gerson himself. Promising indeed. For more information, see here.

A.H. Armstrong’s classic translation of Plotinus in the Loeb Classical Library remains widely used for good reason, but is not without its problems and even occasional lapses. This new translation should prove to be very helpful, perhaps even the new standard reference. Together with the ongoing publication of commentaries on the individual tractates of the Enneads by Parmenides Publishing, Anglophone readers of Plotinus now have two important new tools for exploring the universe of this most excellent philosopher.