Podcast: Secret History of Western Esotericism

NSEA members and readers of this blog will want to know about the Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast (SHWEP). Created by Earl Fontainelle, a researcher of esotericism, the podcast aims to make the history of Western Esotericism accessible to those who wish to know more about this growing field.

To date, the SHWEP podcast has covered such topics as philosophical mysticism, the ancient mysteries, as well as methodological issues in the study of esotericism. Many of these topics are discussed by leading researchers in the field. Our understanding is that the SHWEP Podcast will move chronologically through a variety of esoteric topics, covering everything form the ancient to the modern era—and everything in between. (Full disclosure, NSEA director Sarah Veale, was previously a guest on the show, talking about curse tablets.)

The SHWEP podcast can be downloaded at their website or subscribed to in iTunes. Please visit the website for more information or to contact Earl Fontainelle.