Burns on Bibliotheca Chaldaica 5, 6

A review article I have written about two relatively recent (pub. 2016) volumes of papers about oracles, Platonism, and esotericism in antiquity has just been published online, in Aries 19:1 (2019): 147-58:

“New Lights on Oracles, Platonists, and Esotericism in Late Antiquity. A Review of Helmut Seng and Giulia Sfamena Gasparro, ed., Theologische Orakel in der Spätantike (Bibliotheca Chaldaica 5; Universitätsverlag Winter: Heidelberg, 2016), and Helmut Seng, Luciana Soares Santoprete, and Chiara O. Tommasi Moreschini, ed., Formen und Nebenformen des Platonismus in der Spätantike (Bibliotheca Chaldaica 6; Universitätsverlag Winter: Heidelberg, 2016).”

If you have access to new issues through a subscription, you may link to it here. If you are interested in the article but do not have a subscription, feel free to contact me for a copy.