conference: ‘Ralph Cudworth at the Crossroads of Modernity’

The following announcement is courtesy of the ‘philosophie-antique’ mailing list. Cudworth himself was hardly ancient (he lived and wrote in the 17th century), but he and other ‘Cambridge Platonists’ were pivotal in the reception and interpretation of Platonism in modernity.

International Conference: ‘Ralph Cudworth at the Crossroads of

University of Cambridge, Monday, March 11, 2019 (9am – 5pm)

Faculty of Divinity, West Road CB3 9BS Cambridge

This international conference, organized by Dr Adrian Mihai (British
Academy/University of Cambridge), and co-sponsored by the British
Academy, the Faculty of Divinity, and the Cambridge Centre for the Study
of Platonism, focuses on Ralph Cudworth (1617-1688) – the founder of
British Idealism -, his sources and his legacy.

Eminent scholars studying ancient and modern philosophy, from the
Presocratics up to the German Idealists, have been invited to
contextualize and investigate Ralph Cudworth’s philosophical revolution..

All are welcomed!


9.00 Introductions and Welcome

9.15 Douglas Hedley (Cambridge)
Cudworth as Interpreter of Plotinus

9.45 Marieke Dhont (Cambridge)
The Figure of Moses at the Crossroads of Religion and Science in

10. 15 Daniel Tolan (Cambridge)
A Christian Stoicism: The Stoic Debt of Origen’s Understanding of

10.45 Discussion

Coffee Break

11.15 Harold Tarrant (Newcastle)
Monism and Polytheism: the Problems with Later Neoplatonism

11.45 Stephen Gersh (Notre Dame)
Ficino on Platonism, Christianity, and Heresy

12.15 Discussion


13.30 Mark Burden (Bristol)
Cudworth Shelved: Cases of Books and Misidentification in Early-Modern

14.00 Adrian Mihai (Cambridge)
A Brief Introduction to Ralph Cudworth’s Metaphysics

14.30 Christian Hengstermann (Bochum)
Holiness and Love — Divine Sensation and Agency in Ralph Cudworth’s
Early Sermons

15.00 Discussion

Coffee Break

16.00 Adrian Mihai & Christian Hengstermann
Cudworth, Mosheim and the Pantheissmustreit

16.30 Thomas Hanke (Frankfurt)
An Existential Problem with Infinity: Cudworth and Hegel’s Philosophy of

17.00 Concluding Remarks

Dr Adrian Mihai

Newton International Fellow
British Academy
Faculty of Divinity
University of Cambridge
Dr Adrian Mihai