A new edition of Themistius’ Paraphrase of Aristotle’s Metaphysics 12

Yoav Meyrav. Themistius’ Paraphrase of Aristotle’s Metaphysics 12. A Critical Hebrew-Arabic Edition of the Surviving Textual Evidence, with an Introduction, Preliminary Studies, and a Commentary. Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus, Volume: 25.Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2019.

This one may be of interest to lovers of the Aristotelian tradition(s), particularly as they are digested and transformed through later reception. In Themistius’ reading, Aristotle is definitely an esoteric philosopher, and Themistius presents himself as unveiling the hidden teachings which the Stagyrite cloaked under the veil of philosophic secrecy. Described in our review by Y. Tzvi Langermann, which you can read here, as ‘a stunningly impressive work of scholarship’, this is an edition of, wait for it, the Hebrew translation (later translated into Latin) of a lost Arabic translation of a Greek paraphrase of Aristotle’s 12th book on Metaphysics. There is much here to interest lovers of late-antique and medieval receptions of Aristotle in a theological context, and the robust portrayal of Aristotle as an esoteric thologian presented in the text was an important chapter in the ‘Abrahamification’ of the the philosopher, so central to Islamicate and Judaic philosophical theologies of the middle ages.