New book: Kutash, Goddesses of Myth and Cultural Memory

Below you find a link for the new book of Emilie Kutash, Goddesses of Myth and Cultural Memory, available through Bloomsbury and on Amazon:

Here is a description from the book’s website:

How have the goddesses of ancient myth survived, prevalent even now as literary and cultural icons? How do allegory, symbolic interpretation, and political context transform the goddess from her regional and induvial identity into a goddess of philosophy and literature? Emilie Kutash explores these questions, beginning from the premise that cultural memory, a collective cultural and social phenomenon can last thousands of years.

Kutash demonstrates a continuing practice of interpreting allegorizing ancient myths, tracing these goddesses of archaic origin through history. Chapters follow the goddesses from their ancient near eastern prototypes to their place in the epic poetry drama and hymns of classical Greece to their appearance in Platonic and NeoPlatonic philosophy, Medieval allegory, and their association with Christendom.