Requiescat in pace – Father Henri-Dominique Saffrey

John Finamore has shared the sad news of the passing of one of the greatest and most prolific scholars of later Platonism, H.-D. Saffrey. He writes:

It is with great sadness that I report the death of our beloved colleague Father Henri Dominique Saffrey, whose research and publications have inspired all of us.  His many writings include Proclus: Théologie platonicienne, Porphyre: Lettre à Anébon (with Alain Segonds), Jamblique: Réponse à Porphyre (De mysteriis), and Recherches sur la tradition platonicienne au Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance.  Saffrey was 100 years old. 

I simply do not know a time when I worked on the history of Platonism where I was not enjoying the benefits of Saffrey’s labors and insights, above all through his editions and translations. Many of the works he did so much to illuminate – particularly those named by Prof. Finamore above – deal not just with metaphysics and ritual, but with the notion of a Plato-centred prisca theologia itself. Father Saffrey’s work was, and will long remain, instrumental to the study, perpetuation, and flourishing of the Platonic Tradition.