Shaul Shaked A”H

From the AGADE mailing list:

Colleagues from Israel and the United States are alerting to the death
on Oct 27 of Prof. Shaul Shaked, emeritus Professor of Iranian Studies
and Comparative Religion, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

This brief notice is from <>:
“Shaul Shaked is the Schwarzmann University Professor emeritus at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a member of the Israel Academy
of Sciences and Humanities and the Hungarian Academy of Science. He
was awarded the Israel Prize in Linguistics in 2000. He has been a
visiting professor in several institutions, among them UC Berkeley,
Harvard, Columbia, NYU, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Collège de
France, and the Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest). Among his books
are: Wisdom of the Sasanian sages; From Zoroastrian Iran to Islam;
Dualism in transformation; Aramaic documents from Ancient Bactria
(with Joseph Naveh); Aramaic bowl spells, vol. 1 (with J.N. Ford and
S. Bhayro); Magische Texte aus der Kairoer Geniza (2 volumes, with P.
Schäfer and others), Irano-Judaica (6 volumes, with A. Netzer).”

[A good overview of his life and career  is at the Hebrew Wiki
[A volume (2019) honoring him includes assessments of his work :
Studies in honor of Shaul Shaked. Edited by Yohanan Friedmann and Etan
Kohlberg. Jerusalem : The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities,
[Google Scholar has compiled a list of many of his publications at