Exhibition: The Mystery of Mithras, Royal Museum of Mariemont, 20th of November 2021-7th of April 2022

This project creates the first exhibition dedicated to Mithras, one of the most fascinating deities in Ancient Rome, a god of Persian origins who generated an immensely popular cult, as evidenced by more than 150 sanctuaries uncovered all over Europe, from Scotland to North Africa, from Syria to Spain.

The objective is to increase public understanding of this significant piece of European heritage from Roman Antiquity and connect European cultural operators, scholars and technical partners around the topic.

The resulting innovative exhibition is set to be presented in Belgium (Musée Royal de Mariemont), France (Musée Saint-Raymond de Toulouse) and Germany (Archälogisches Museum Frankfurt) between 2021 and 2023.

The catalogue prepared for these different venues pursues three main objectives: proposing, thanks to the contributions of some 75 international experts, a new synthesis for a complex and fascinating cult that reflects the remarkable advances in our knowledge in recent decades; promoting by means of high-quality illustrations numerous monuments, both famous and unknown, that represent so many pieces of the giant Mithraic puzzle; lastly, to restore Mithras to his proper place in the religious landscape of yesterday and the European culture of today.

The three exhibitions : presentation and practical details.

Here, you will find the English trailer of the first exhibition at the Royal Museum of Mariemont.