Post-doc in Israel looking at Enochic apocalyptic material

This advert did not carry a general link to the project, so interested researchers will want to contact the principle investigator, Jonathan Ben-Dov <>. He says:

I seek a postdoctoral researcher for the project “Early Jewish
Apocalypticism in the Hellenistic Levant” at the Department of Bible,
Tel Aviv University.

The project studies the myth of the Watchers (Fallen Angels) in early
enochic compositions and the Book of Giants, with special emphasis on
comparative mythology and on the setting in the early Hellenistic
period. The researcher will study any aspect of the myth with relation
to the project’s guidelines, including for example: comparative
mythology (Babylonian, Greek, Phoenician); divine epithets in the
enochic corpus; textual history of 1 Enoch; archeology and history of
the upper Galilee in the early Hellenistic period; related Aramaic
writings; afterlives of Mesopotamian mythology in the West; Greek
mythology in the eastern Mediterranean; and more.

Researchers will carry their own research in these fields, and will
cooperate with the PI (Ben-Dov) and with other team members; will
co-organize a conference on the topic of the project, and will
interact with the vibrant community of scholars of Hebrew Bible, Dead
Sea Scrolls, and Ancient Near East at Tel Aviv University.

The term starts ideally in October 2022 but earlier dates will also be
Duration: 1 academic year. Possible prolongation by another year.
Sum of Stipend: 70,000 – 100,000 NIS. Applicants are encouraged to
apply for competitive matching from TAU.

Candidates should be within 5 years of the approval of their PhD.
Researchers are expected to be present at TAU for at least several
months during the year of fellowship.

Please submit your CV, sample publication or dissertation chapter, a
letter of intent, and one letter of reference.

Deadline: 20 February 2022.