6 PhD-positions in Graz/Erfurt

Call for up to six doctoral positions for the study year 2022/23 at
the University of Graz

In the International Graduate School “Resonant Self–World Relations in
Ancient and Modern Socio-Religious Practices” up to six doctoral
positions in the fields of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology and
Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Philology, Old Testament Studies
and New Testament Studies, Religious Studies and Sociology are vacant
at the University of Graz. Deadline for application is April 15th

Please send your application to Dr. Enno Friedrich (resonance(at)uni-graz.at)

Please send the following document as one .pdf-file (max 10 MB):
– CV (in English or German)
–  final school and university degrees (copies)
– MA or diploma thesis (copy)
– one letter of recommendation
– an outline of the PhD project you would like to pursue (max. 5
pages) with a stringent discussion of your research questions, its
relevance for the topic of “Resonant Self-World Relations”, the state
of research on the topic, the methodological approach and the leading
hypotheses as well as a working schedule and projected date of