CfP, Panel on Ancient Near-Eastern ‘Magic’ for EUARE (Bologna), 20-23 June 2022

David Hamidovic (University of Lausanne) and Eleonora Serra
(University of Lausanne) are organizing a panel on “Magic in ancient
Near East and Middle East” to be held during the European Academy of
Religion, in Bologna (Italy), June 20-23, 2022.

The panel aims to discuss (1) theoretical issues about “magic” and
“religion” in Ancient Near East and the Middle East with precise
examples, (2) ancient texts discussing the so-called “magic”, (3)
inscriptions and objects relating to “magic”. The panel is mainly
focused on Ancient Judaism, Early Christianity, Islam, but it accepts
papers on other examples in Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Worlds.

The submission is expected until March 6, 2002 (GMT+1, 23:59) through
the EUARE website:

Papers will be published in an Italian journal after double-blind