Call for Papers: Ways of Gnosis

A call for papers has been put out for a conference taking place April 2013 in Moscow. The theme of this conference is Ways of Gnosis: Mystical and Esoteric Traditions from Antiquity to the Present Time.

From the call:

One of the most important elements of mystical and esoteric traditions is the phenomenon of gnosis, defined as prophetic knowledge with soteriological value for its bearers. The gnostic worldview, its symbols and motives can be found in masterpieces of Western art and literature. Over the past two millennia, Western spiritual culture has been consistently influenced by gnostic thought, and it is now difficult to imagine the history of Western art, literature, science, philosophy and religion without gnosis, that has certain parallels in structure and ideas with some Eastern cultures (for example, India).

The international academic symposium “Ways of Gnosis” plans to examine this phenomenon from different points of view (phenomenological, hermeneutical, and historical); to show its real significance in Eastern and Western mystical and esoteric traditions; to investigate the meeting of worldviews in “Alexandrian gnosis” and the interrelation of “gnostic” currents to each other; to point out the influence of different aspects, symbols, and images of gnostic traditions in daily life; to show the historical continuity of gnostic ideas in the European cultural tradition; to compare different forms of gnosis in Eastern and Western culture; to elucidate different approaches to the phenomenon of gnosis, and, finally, to demonstrate the role of gnostic doctrines in the history of Russian culture.

Those intersted in presting at this conference are encouraged to contact the organizers at before February 20, 2013, and by January 15, 2013, for those needing special travel assistance.